About Us

Matrix Human Services, located in Detroit, is a private, nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(c)3, social service organization offering a range of  Programs devoted to maintaining and supporting the family unit and improving the quality of life for individuals of all ages.

Matrix believes strongly in offering positive life experiences, assistance with basic needs, education and supportive services which defuse crisis, treat individual and family problems and prevent abuse, neglect or criminal activities. Services are designed to empower families and individuals to achieve self sufficiency.

Our diverse array of services is provided in a cost effective manner that enhances quality and economies of scale throughout the organization. Each of our Programs have a unique identity, focus and offering.

A pillar of hope and stability in the community, our vision is to continue being a forerunner for service delivery and a model for other organizations and funding sources, maintaining diversity and quality in supportive services.


Inspired by its heritage since 1906, Matrix Human Services advocates for and serves the most vulnerable in the metropolitan Detroit community and empowers individuals and families to enhance the quality of their lives and achieve self sufficiency.


Matrix, a proven leader in uniting all human service efforts to move individuals and families toward self-sufficiency in our time with your help… eradicating poverty of the mind, body and spirit.


The core values are the collective principles and ideals that define the character of Matrix Human Services. At Matrix Human Services we are committed to:

Respect, Diversity & Inclusion. Embracing and promoting a culture of respect, diversity and inclusion among all clients, staff and Board.

Ethical Stewardship. Managing all of our resources to ensure efficient and effective results and measurable outcomes both clinical and fiscal.

Program Services. Empowering clients to be the best they can be, developing strong individuals, families and communities.

Collaboration. Integrating Matrix Human Services programs and collaborating with organizations that support our Mission and Vision.

A Collective Pride in Matrix. Empowering staff, Board and volunteers to bring new ideas and solutions, suggestions to promote growth, and pursue innovation.

Education. Continuing the commitment to pursue educational development by all staff, volunteers, clients and Board.