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Have you had a meal today? Many have not.
A warm bed? Imagine a cardboard box.

Matrix Human Services is dedicated to the city of Detroit with never ending passion, serving more than 25,000 clients annually. To continue helping those in need, we need your help.
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Welcome to Matrix Human Services:  Everyday in Detroit, Matrix is touching hearts and changing lives – fighting poverty with 15 programs operating out of 33 locations – programs designed to support, educate and empower families, children, men and women. Our Mission? To break the generational cycle of poverty gripping the city of Detroit.

Matrix has been committed to the city of Detroit for more than 106 years with a never ending passion… and we continue our march – working with every woman, man, and child that enters our doors, ensuring they have food, clothing, shelter, an education, a job, and hope for tomorrow.

By implementing our Transition to Success Model into the lives of our clients, we impact and uplift, developing a real path to independence….not just a hand out but a strong and reliable hand up.

Volunteers Show Up in Numbers for Meridian Winter Blast to Support Matrix Human Services

Detroit's Meridian Winter Blast 2014 patrons donate canned food items, children's books or financial contributions as an entrance fee to support Matrix Human Services

Detroit’s Meridian Winter Blast 2014 patrons donate canned food items, children’s books or financial contributions as an entrance fee to support Matrix Human Services

As a non-profit organization, Matrix Human Services greatly appreciates individuals and groups who offer monetary donations, but we equally cherish those who offer their time, physical strength and energy—especially in weather conditions akin to the North Pole.

This past weekend at the 2014 Meridian Winter Blast, 170 volunteers showed up to lend a helping hand in our personal pursuit to help those in dire need. We appreciate volunteers showing up in great numbers showcasing city-unity at its finest.

“I really enjoyed it,” says first-time volunteer Denitra Flowers. “You always hear negative things about Detroit and you wonder if there’s anybody out there helping. It’s good to know there are organizations like Matrix who are giving back to Detroit and helping to feed the community. It’s a wonderful feeling to be a part of that.”

Patrons were asked to bring three canned goods, two dollars or a children’s book as an entry fee to the festival—and for the fourth consecutive year, Matrix Human Services was selected as the charity of choice. In anticipation of an abundance of donations, we rallied a great team of supporters to help collect and organize donations, which will go toward our mission to fight generational poverty in the city of Detroit.

“It makes me feel warm and fuzzy just knowing that I’m making a difference,” says 26-year-old Monique Toliver. “Even though I’m just collecting cans, I know that the donations are going to help so many people around Detroit.”

Matrix Human Services dedicated volunteers made it all possible!

Matrix Human Services dedicated volunteers made it all possible!

In preparation for the most anticipated event of the winter season, Matrix Volunteer Coordinator Linda Garrison made a conscious effort to seek group volunteers. She gathered 170 participants by reaching out to organizations, churches and schools.

“The volunteers made a great impact for us,” says Garrison. “Also, they’re wearing the Matrix sticker. Not only do they get to know the type of work we do, but also, they get to spread the word to family and friends. Hopefully, they’ll bring them back for a volunteer experience.”

After completing their scheduled hours, volunteers were free to take part in the festivities, which included exciting games, delicious food, musical entertainment, etc.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of the three-day festival–the 200+-foot, three story snow slide sponsored by Buick –would’ve been a great adrenaline boost for volunteers after standing on their feet for several hours. “No,” Said 17-year-old Trina Murray while laughing. “I’m going home.”

Nevertheless, the 2014 Winter Meridian Winter Blast proved to be a huge success for Matrix Human Services—and a great deal of the credit for such a prosperous weekend is handed out to our dedicated volunteers.

- J. Gabriel Ware, Matrix Human Services Marketing Intern/WCCCD Student

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2014 Meridian Winter Blast Charity Partner

We are proud to be the designated charity partner for the 2014 Meridian Winter Blast and are in need of volunteers to help collect donations during the three day event.

The response from our supporters has been incredible! We still have a large number of volunteer shifts to fill. Consider donating just two hours of your time. Please follow this link to sign up!

This is a PERFECT opportunity for both individuals and groups to volunteer. Get together with your company, neighbors, friends or organization and make a big difference in just a couple hours.

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